Hi, I'm Andrea. 

Day job: venture partner & entrepreneur-in-residence @500Startups, the most active early stage seed investor in the world. 

Previously: co-founder @ inDinero, led team to first $3M ARR in sales, generated $1M in sales personally in  < one year through empathy superpowers. Company is now 200+ employees with 5 offices. 

Past life: aspiring linguist and cognitive scientist at UC Berkeley, Bard College at Simon's Rock, and Nanjing Normal University. 

Interests: alleviating suffering, radical compassion, empathy, technology, diversity, inclusion, emerging markets, sex positivity, feminism, building safe & transparent marketplaces, heavily regulated industries, social justice, rethinking the social safety net and work, indigenous cultures, love, green smoothies, coconuts, islands, mindfulness, maps, and abundance

Connect with me @abarrica